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If you`re a fan of romance novels, you may have come across „Wedding Agreement” on Wattpad, a popular online platform for writers and readers. Written by Miasenpai, this story follows the lives of Mia and Ethan, two individuals who enter into a fake marriage agreement for their own personal reasons.

In chapter 22 of „Wedding Agreement,” readers are brought into Mia and Ethan`s wedding ceremony. The chapter starts with a description of the setting – a grand ballroom with chandeliers and flowers – as well as the attire of the main characters and their guests. Miasenpai includes intricate details such as the colors and fabrics of the outfits, which contribute to the overall atmosphere of the scene.

As the chapter progresses, readers witness Mia and Ethan`s exchange of vows. Miasenpai`s writing style captures the emotions of the characters as they speak their promises to one another. The use of descriptive language such as „heartfelt words” and „eyes filled with love” creates a vivid image in the reader`s mind of the intensity of the moment.

One notable aspect of the chapter is the inclusion of multiple POVs (points of view). In addition to Mia and Ethan`s perspectives, readers are given glimpses into the thoughts and feelings of their family and friends. This adds depth to the story and allows readers to better understand the impact of Mia and Ethan`s actions on those around them.

Overall, chapter 22 of „Wedding Agreement” is a well-crafted and emotional scene that leaves readers eager to know what will happen next. Miasenpai`s attention to detail and ability to convey the characters` emotions make for a compelling read that is sure to keep fans of the story engaged.